Prairie Creek



Office hours are by appointment. Call  (402) 764-2491 for appointments in Stromsburg, and  (402) 747-8851 for appointments in Osceola.  Shelby (402) 527-1287.  Ask to schedule an appointment. We will ask the reason you want to see the medical provider so an appropriate amount of time can be scheduled. Multiple problems require additional time, so list each of them to the receptionist when you call. Usually, it is best to focus on your most important health issues and then schedule a second appointment to discuss additional problems.

More Appointment Tips

Most types of appointments are scheduled by the person who answers your call. In some situations, you will be transferred to a Nurse or a nurses assistant to discuss your needs.

  1. Call at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time if you must cancel.
  2. Bring all current medicine bottles along or a complete list of medications you are on.
  3. Bring a record of immunizations received outside our clinic.
  4. The first time you are seen as a new patient:
    • Contact your previous physician to request that a copy of your records be sent to our mailing address. Allow time for them to arrive before your appointment if possible.
    • Come prepared to complete patient identification, insurance and medical history questions before your first visit. 
    • We will scan copies of insurance cards, your driver’s license and/or take a picture for your chart at this first visit.
    • If you have updates to your insurance/phone number/address at any time, please notify the front desk and have the card available to be scanned.

Telephone Calls

Requests for medical advice will be answered by trained staff members. A medical provider is consulted whenever necessary. Because the clinicians are with patients during the day, the staff will take a message and your call will be returned. Medical treatment by phone is almost never a good substitute for a face-to-face visit. It is our policy not to prescribe antibiotics or other medicines by phone. Most services provided by phone are at no charge. However, there may be a fee for certain non-routine calls. 

Payment For Services

All patients are asked for payment at time of service. If we participate with your health care plan, you only need to pay your portion (or co-pay) of the bill. Payment of your office visit co-pay at the time of service avoids an extra billing fee. Any fees billed to your account become past due if not paid within 30 days. Ask us about our pay in full discount at the day of your visit.

We strive to provide the best and most excellent heath-care we can regardless of personal reward or discomfort.